This machine, better known as the “type militaire,” resembled in detail the other Bleriot products, but differed greatly in size, in the fact that it was a two-seater, and in the construction of the fan-shaped tail. Like all the later Bleriot products, the dashboard in front of the seats was equipped with many instruments, such as recording barographs, speed counters, inclinators, folding map cases, speedometers, gages, and even thermos bottles, an item that indicated the rapid trend of progress in aviation more forcibly than anything else.

[ad#ad-1] Many of the famous flights in 1910 by Moisant (Paris to London), Moranc, Drexel, and others, were made on this type.

Top Speed: 42 m.p.h.

Engine: 53 horse-power Gnome rotary 7-cylinder

Wingspan: 36 feet

Weight: 850 pounds

Specifications from “Monoplanes and Biplanes,â€

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