Curtiss H12 Flying Boat

Perhaps the most remarkable achievement of 1912 was the Curtiss flying-boat. Glenn Curtiss, who won the James Gordon Bennett race in 1909, had succeeded in rising from the water in 1913 with a similar biplane fitted with a central pontoon float instead of a wheeled under-carriage. This he made into a genuine flying-boat, consisting of a proper hydroplane-boat, with wings and engine superimposed

One, known as the Model H-12, which was turned out in 1917, was the largest craft of its kind that had been adopted by U.S. naval forces to that time.

[ad#ad-1]Top Speed: 95 m.p.h.

Engine: two 660 h.p. Liberty 12-cylinder inlines

Wingspan: 96.5 feet

Weight: 10,172 pounds

Specifications from “Practical Aviation,â€