Morane-Saulnier A-1

Morane-Saulnier A1

For World War One, the Morane-Saulnier A-1 had very modern lines and was very streamlined; it resembles small airplanes that you can see today at any general aviation airport. 1,210 were produced, but it never made a big impact at the front. Not long after its introduction it was withdrawn to serve as trainers, as it was suspected of structural weakness.

Some contemporary sources refer to this airplane as the Type 27 and Type 29. Type 27C1 carried one machine gun; Type 29C1 carried two. Generally high-wing monoplanes were called “parasol types,” so it may also be referred to that way.

[ad#ad-1]Top Speed: 138 m.p.h.

Manufacturer: Morane-Saulnier

Year: 1917

Engine: 150 h.p. Gnome Monosoupape 9-cylinder rotary

Wingspan: 27 feet 11 inches

Weight: 1,483 lb.

Armament: 2 machine guns