Nieuport 11

Nieuport Scout
The image is a Nieuport 17

The French answer to the Fokker Eindekker was the Nieuport 11, equipped with the 80 horse-power Le RhÃ

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  1. […] Nieuport 11 < History of Airplanes In later types of the same machine, such as the Nieuport 17, there is less difference between the angles of the planes, the upper being set at an angle of 2 degrees, 30 minutes, while the lower is at an angle of 3 degrees 30 minutes in one . For the Nieuport 17: The complete machine, empty, weighs 760 pounds, of which the planes represent 111 pounds, the tail unit 23.8 pounds, the motor and body complete 583 pounds, and the landing gear, struts and bracing 31.2 pounds. […]

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