Nieuport 17

Nieuport 17

The most successful of the Nieuport biplanes of WWI, flown by the French, British, Americans, Italians, and Russians. Often referred to in contemporary sources as the “15 meter” Nieuport (based on its total wing surface).

During the summer of 1916, many months after the appearance of the Fokker, the French produced the Nieuport 17, armed with a Vickers gun with a synchronized firing mechanism, and far superior to the Nieuport 11, owing to its much higher ceiling. Many of these machines carried, in addition to the Vickers, a Lewis gun, mounted on the upper wing, but this arrangement reduced performance too much.

[ad#ad-1]The Type 17 was slightly larger than the earlier Nieuport 11, and had a more powerful engine, larger wings, and was more aerodynamic. It was originally equipped with a 110 hp Le RhÃ

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  1. $ento says:

    WWI. 10 of the best – Sopwith F.1 Camel. Fokker D.VII. Spad S. XIII. SE5a. Nieuport 17. Nieuport 28. Albatros D.Va
    Fokker Dr.1. Sopwith Snipe. Sopwith Pup.

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