backlit photo of beautiful girl in black

The Nolita Playground

My friend @narinarim was up for a quick shoot on short notice. In NYC’s Nolita neighborhood, we started shooting in the DeSalvio Playground. We wanted to get some shots that featured some different lighting, some black-and-white, and some professional-looking headshots, We got some of those, and along the way got some others that were equally interesting.

@narinarim is gorgeous, naturally at ease in front of the camera, fun-spirited, and in all ways great to work with. She spent some time in China, so we had WeChat, the Chinese “must-have” social media, in common! She notes “I enjoy being on both ends of the camera, photography has been with me all my life. I seek beauty in the subjects I photograph (much of which can be seen on my Instagram feed) and I am comfortable projecting my own beauty for people who want to capture it in a photo.”

Working within constraints, whether that’s a limited geography, or using a particular artistic medium, or focusing on a specific subject (think Georgia O’Keeffe and those goddam skulls), forces us to think harder, work harder, notice more, and be more creative. This was the second time in four days that I shot in DeSalvio Playground. It’s a small square, about 30 meters on each side. Sure, plenty of the shots were similar in both shoots. But there were also many “aha” moments, as in “Why didn’t I see this shot last time?”

pretty girl in light blue coat

Over the shoulder

backlit portrait


beautiful girl on park bench


beautiful Latina model on park bench

Those shoes

pretty girl in black

Light and Shadow

beautiful Latina model

The Look

black-and-white pic of beautiful girl

How long to find this shot?

black-and-white photo of girl


black-and-white portrait

Where the light is