girl in black top and denim shorts

NYC Street Style – Summer 2016

As always, there was lots of good looking street style on the streets of Soho, Greenwich Village, and the Lower East Side. Trendy New York is all about downtown these days; no more Upper East/West Sides. As for the styles – lots of stripes, girls in off-the-shoulder tops, denim shorts, and even some black outfits in the ninety degree heat. Chokers are big this season; one girl showed off a cute DIY alien-themed choker. Of course, it being summer, many girls showed up in white dresses, shorts, or tops.

close-up of choker

DIY choker

two girls by graffiti wall


white crop top and shorts

color coordinated

black summer outfit

summer black

Asian girl in Soho


two girls crossing the street


blinde asian girl on a Citibike

Citibiker on Crosby

asian girl in white shorts

online for a pop-up shop

girl in black crop top and denim shorts

black croptop

asian girl in white dress

white dress

girl in black top and denim shorts

by Logan Hicks masterpiece

w photo of girl in black outfit

East Village attitude

b&w photo of girl in sunglasses

more attitude

girl in white top and black shorts

model on Mulberry