view of Statue of Liberty from Picnic Point

The Hills at Governors’ Island

At the southern end of Governors’ Island sit four man-made hills, creations of the NYC Parks Department, built using (in part) rubble from the island’s demolished buildings. The largest, Outlook Hill, boasts the best views of the Statue of Liberty. Other feature slides, a concrete cabin, and more; all set amidst sinuous pathways. Great views abound. (Note that the photos in this post only show The Hills area of Governors’ Island; none of the old military buildings and forts in the northern section.)

view of Manhattan skyline from Governors Island

The New York Nobody Knows

Lower New York Harbor


lighthouse on Governors Island

Looking Up

Downtown Manhattan from Governors Island

Grand Vista

winding pathways on The Hills

Sinuous and Switchback

Discovery Hill, The Cabin, and  the lighthouse

How long will the terraced look remain?

couple atop Outlook Hill


pathway ascending Outlook Hill

by design

paths on Governors Island

Follow the white-lined road

on Governors Island

Under the clouds