heavily armed policeman at Trump Tower

Trump Tower

Photography is not neutral. A photograph should offer a perspective, express an opinion, and perhaps even render a judgment. Captions can add to the photo, but should not try to define the reader/viewer’s response.

On this day in early December 2016, a month after Donald Trump’s election as President of the United States, I photographed Trump Tower, his now-fortified home on Fifth Avenue, New York City.

Trump Tower above American flag

Oh say can you see …

Trump Tower

Tax Bracket

NYPD spy platform at Trump Tower

$35 million

NYPD fences outside Trump Tower


ice cream sign inside Trump Tower

When the dog bites …

perspective view of Trump Tower

Looking Up

NYPD crowd control at Trump Tower

Fifth Avenue holiday

Fifth Avenue Trump Tower


angel in Christmas decoration and Trump Tower


Stop sign in front of Trump Tower