Working on the Chain Gang

Not exactly. But I have been working on the website.

Here are some of my new pages and new sections:

December, 2008

Added a new section on WW2 German planes and pilots,

– separating out some pilot pages: Barkhorn, Kittel, Rudorffer, and Rall.
– adding pages for the Me 262 jet fighter, Me 163 Komet rocket interceptor, and the Bf 110 twin engine fighter.

Added a page on WWI French fighter planes

Added a section on WW2 Health Issues and Risks for US Servicemen

Created pages for WW2 stuff: WW2 movies, WW2 music, WW2 games,

Created a page on WW2 in color photographs

Created a page on WW2 Museums

Added a section on WW2 Weapons

Greatly expanded the Pictures of World War Two section

November, 2008

Re-organized the U.S. Military Medals section

Added several pages about German Medals of WW2

Historical Aviation Photo Archives, picture galleries of WW2 fighter planes, bombers, airfields, etc.