About Me

My other interests, besides the ones featured prominently here, include:


Throughout most of my life, my main hobby (or reading interest) has been history. I grew up reading all about American history, especially the Revolutionary War. Francis Marion, “The Swamp Fox,” and Ethan Allen were my heroes. In college, I majored in Medieval History. My wife was particularly amused at my brief foray into Polar Exploration. Other eras that I’ve read about include: the American Civil War, the Spanish Civil War, ancient Greek history, my own family history/genealogy, and 20th Century American history.

While I have a 500-page website devoted to aviation and WW2, that’s somewhat accidental. That is, aviation history has not been a primary lifelong interest for em. I merely happened to be studying about that topic in the late Nineties, when I thought it would be cool to have my own website.


I’m interested in internet technology and Linux, running all my own PCs on Linux, as well as maintaining the dedicated server for acepilots.com

Science and Evolution

I went through a brief phase on Science, Biology, and Evolution. “Creationist Morons” particularly annoy me, perhaps because I was raised as one of them – a Jehovah’s Witness.

My interest in biology and evolution also blends into the topic of Nature and Hiking.

What Else?

As of 2022, learning Japanese 日本語.

Sports? The Winter Olympics and top-level soccer (the World Cup, the U.S. Men’s National Team, English Premier League, European Champions’ League). I’ve watched some baseball in my time, and, of course, never miss the Super Bowl.  Coaching youth soccer. When my kids were young, I coached their soccer teams – what a great experience.

Shakespeare. Jazz Music. Foreign films – esp. Akira Kurosawa. Stamp collecting. Legos. Running.

Maps. Any kind of map.

News and Politics

Of course. Even had a blog about politics from 2004-08, called “The Politburo Diktat.” That was fun for a while.

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