man and woman's skulls facing each other

Bushwick Collective Street Art

Some great street art, not mere graffiti, in Bushwick, especially along Troutman Street, where much of the Bushwick Collective’s work is.

the words Bushwick Collective above NYC skyline

by @vers718 @versgrafx

woman's face

by Thiago Valdi

C3PO inside gray helmet

by Spok Brillor, @spokbrillor

kids as superheros

by Sipros, @sipros_sipros


by Sipros, @sipros_sipros

by Otto Schade, @ottoschade

by Otto Schade, @ottoschade

cartoon kids

by Love Notes, @lovenotesnyc


by Lola Blu, @lolablu_

woman's face, repeated upside down

by Lexi Bella, @lexibellaart

kid looking through tube

by Joe Iurato, @joeiurato

Manhattan skyline at sunset, through chain-link fence

by Jeff Henriquez, @jartista

geometric, angular graffiti

by Hellbent, @hellbent_

man in colorful outfit

by @donrimx

man and woman's skulls facing each other

Till Death Do Us Part, by D*face

portrait of African-American man

by Danielle Mastrion,

hadn holding can of spray paint

by Damien Mitchell

two hands clasped

by Case Maclaim

cartoonish smiling pumpkin face

by atomik

sad kid

by @arts_and_graffs

two curvy women

Aquarela Sabol and Claudia La Bianca