Burning Palestinian olive trees

Destruction of Olive Trees on the West Bank

Burning Palestinian olive trees

Burning Palestinian olive trees

Over the past several years, Israeli settlers have been burning and destroying Palestinians’ olive trees. A crime against humanity and the environment. Fuller story at link above.  (There are many other sources. Just Google “Palestinian olive trees destruction”) I’ve complained to a few Israeli government ministries about this. Here are their contact links.

Ministry of Environment – http://www.sviva.gov.il/ENGLISH/Pages/HomePage.aspx

Ministry of Justice, email –  sar@justice.gov.il

Ministry of Agriculture – http://www.moag.gov.il/agri/services/pniot/default.htm

Foreign Ministry – http://mfa.gov.il/MFA/Pages/ContactUs.aspx

Here’s a sample Tweet, to help spread the word. (Cut and paste various ministries and their correct link.)

Destruction of #palestine #olive trees. I complained to Israel’s Min. of Environment. Their contact link: http://www.sviva.gov.il/ENGLISH/Pages/HomePage.aspx