Scarsdale Library Pond

Early Morning at the Scarsdale Library Pond

I wanted to capture the early morning sky, the lights from the parking lot, and the smooth reflective surface of the pond. The long exposure (four seconds) smoothed out the water, giving it that smooth, silky look.

Used a Nikon D5100 DSLR, with a 35mm prime lens (the Nikkor DX AF-S 1:1.8G), an ISO of 100, an f2.8 aperture, and a four second exposure. On a tripod, of course.

AsĀ  a bonus, a car drove by on Post Road, up beyond the library, so I got that bright red streak of tail light. The fainter reflections on the right side of the gazebo are lens glare, usually a defect, but in this shot, they add to the overall effect.

Scarsdale Library Pond

Half an hour before sunrise