mosque lamp of the sultan Barquq

Form, Light, Shadow, and Reflection

The Jerusalem 1000-1400 exhibit at the Metropolitan Museum of Art is brilliantly staged, offering many striking photographic opportunities. The exhibit designers placed the artifacts in clear cases, under bold lights, and with photos of the holy city projected on the walls. As I walked through, I took no documentary style pictures of the artifacts, but only photos emphasizing form, shadow, light, and reflection.

marble capital and building details

Form, light, and shadow

crusader steel swords

steel reflection

church capitals

Light and shadow

reliquary, The Chasse of Ambazac

Eagle on reliquary

mosque lamp of the sultan Barquq

The sultan’s lamps

large brass vessels

bronze forms

reliquary, to hold a saint's skull

reliquary reflections

capitals from the church in Nazareth

Light and shadow on marble

bronze vessel

Reflections in bronze