Gillian Zinser in Williamsburg

As a street photographer working in the fashionable neighborhoods of New York City, I’m looking for interesting street style subjects. I’m not a paparazzi and don’t seek out celebrities. But, since celebrities tend to look good and dress fashionably and frequent those same areas of New York, sometimes they fall into my viewfinder.

So I ran across Gillian Zinser (known for her role as Ivy Sullivan in the TV show 90210) and her friend Georgia one December Sunday afternoon in Williamsburg, Brooklyn. Actually, they spoke to me first. Spotting my retro-looking Fujifilm X100T, they asked if I knew where to buy film. I confessed that I my camera was indeed digital, and that I couldn’t help them, but I wanted to take their picture in any case. Agreeably, they posed for a few shots, and went our separate ways.

When I posted the first photo on my Instagram (@stephenesherman), Georgia commented “the sweaty hangover is palpable.” LOL They looked fine to me. That’s Jillian in the brown coat and Georgia in red. Aren’t they beautiful?

Jillian Zinser in NYC

Do you know where we can buy film?

Jillian Zinser in brown coat

Jillian and Georgia

jillian zinser in brooklyn