Google Nexus 7 tablet review

Opening the tight Nexus 7 box was a minor challenge, as others had reported. But once open, the device set up easily. It found the wireless network instantly and all I had to do was provide the WEP key. Of course my gmail account was key to many features, like my library ebooks, which was right there.
In general, the whole thing was seamless and intuitive. I’ll note a few items that took me a few extra seconds. Enabling landscape display (so the screen orients itself automatically when you turn it) required me to hold and drag down the top navigation bar/panel. As with any touch screen device, it’s all about the drag-and-drop and the pinch-to-zoom. In the top nav bar is an obvious icon to toggle screen rotation on and off. Other commenters also wondered why this was not enabled by default.

Google Play is the app store on the Nexus 7. You can search for any app you want. Removing unwanted default apps or other apps requires you to press and hold the app icon, then drag it up to the Remove “X” at the top of the screen. Moving apps around, between the five home screens calls for the same motion.

When I set up a Yahoo mail account, I unchecked a ‘Send by Default’ box. Don’t do that. Because then you can’t send out mail from that account at all.

There are lots and lots of apps. Right now, I am composing this post on the WordPress app.