GOP prefers hissy fits to winning war on terror

Republicans have now decided that they’re just bitter that they lost and in retaliation are going to prevent the Senate from conducting any business whatsoever after 2PM, to include hearings of the Armed Services Committee on training of the Afghan police force. (per Matt Yglesias)

I guess it’s very 9/12 of me to suggest that the Global War on Terror is important. Certainly since 2001, every Republican commentator and politician has told us so. And accused any opposition to torture or Gitmo or anything as evidence of a “pre 9/11” mindset.

Bringing security to the people of Afghanistan is a critical element of the GWOT. Vital, absolutely necessary for our own security. “AM I WRONG!??!??”

Now the GOP has obstructed the Global War on Terror, to indulge their petty little HCR hissy fits and tantrums.

Sadly, my friend Ed Morissey at HotAir seems quite pleased with these GOP Senatorial tactics.

What patriotic purpose does it serve to block hearings on training the Afghan police force?