portrait of beautiful Chinese girl

March Street Style

March, 2016 in New York City seemed a little warmer than usual, with lots of street style on display. It was certainly better than the frigid eight days of New York Fashion Week in February. As always in Manhattan, quite a few women sported all-black outfits or black-and-white ensembles. Lower Manhattan is a real-life, ever-changing, fashion studio; so many people look great, even when they are just out walking their dogs, shopping, or getting a meal.

asian girl in black outfit in NYC

all-black outfit #1

model in black outfit

all-black outfit #2

girl leaning on city lamppost

Sasha, Monochrome

Chinese tourist in NYC

Angelic Angles

girl in fluffy vest in front of graffiti


model in black outfit holding small dog

Megs and her pooch

girl in black dress, gray jacket, and hat

almost Parisian

woman with shopping bags in NYC


Korean girl posing by storefront

Fashion Blogger

Asian girl in textured brown leather jacet


girl in light dress sitting on park bench


laughing girl looking over sunglasses

Hey There!