a couple chatting

October in Manhattan

A few photos from October 9 and 16, when I walked around the West Village, Chelsea, Union Square, and Midtown. The 16th was a rainy day and I had a lot of fun photographing that.

New York skyline

Empire State Building from 8th Avenue

Musician in Grand Central

fiddle player with the Ebony Hillbillies

west village

I love this girl’s lollipop, attitude, and Goth boots.

bicyclist on a cobblestone street

bicyclist on a cobblestone street

woman in union square

I got this just at the instant she realized I was taking her picture.

Two kids in Union Square

tussling over a skateboard

Rainy 42nd Street

outside Grand Central

Rainy 42nd Street

cigarette break outside the W.R. Grace building