Palin to the Palestra


from USAToday:

Having spent the campaign season wrestling with the issues, Sarah Palin now has an offer to join pro wrestling.

Alas, no, the Republican party’s candidate for vice president isn’t being asked to ascend to the top rope, take flight and dig a spiked heel into an opponent. But Palin has been offered an honorary position — and a $50,000 paycheck — to sign on with Total Nonstop Action Wrestling.

TNA tells Fox Sports it hopes Alaska’s governor will make an appearance at its Dec. 7 Final Resolution pay-per-view event.

Fox also poses the what-if question of what Palin would use as her closing move, if she were a wrestler: The Bridge to Nowhere? The Pitbull Piledriver? The Wasilla Thrilla? Plumber’s Helper?