Socialist Negro wins 3 Southern states

Isn’t that what this group should be discussing?

Now Barack Hussein Obama is no peanut-farming, triangulating, “big government is dead” Clinton/Carter type bubba Southern favorite son. Yet he won Virginia, Florida, and North Carolina. And Georgia was a close call, and the demographic trends in Texas will make future Socialist Negroes competitive there. Yikes.

Is this map all that’s left of Nixon’s vaunted Southern Strategy?

So, what will it be for the Republicans?

I’m betting on a ‘doubling down’ strategy, promoted by the Limbaugh-Palin-Malkin-Hannity wing. “We were not conservative enough!” I actually heard Rush Limbaugh Explaining It All (live on my car radio), which Ross Douthat picked up on, transcribed, and commented. It’s well worth reading, to understand the thinking of that wing of the party.

Even more “true conservatism.”

Oh yeah, that’s the answer. Go for it, GOP!