Soviet Grokhovsky G-38 – twin-engine, twin-tail experimental aircraft

Grokhovsky G-38Soviet Grokhovsky G-38 – by Greg_P

Does anyone have any information on the Grokhovsky G-38? Seems to be an example of something unusual that could have been an interesting addition to the Soviet Fleet.

Span: 13.40m, Length: 8.80m, Wing Area: 32.00m, Supposedly powered by Gnome-Rhone radials of 900HP each, 2200kg empty, 4100kg max load, Supposed armament was 4 x ShKAS + 2 x SnVAK + ShKAS flex mount rearward. 550 kph.

I think the Soviet Union should have made it, and would love some information on it, if any is available. All I have are the basic specs and nothing much more. With suitable power, it might be quite fast.

Grokhovsky G-38 – by Kometa

There is very little information available about the G-38 (LK-2). There is a little in some Russian sites (Cyrillic), which I tried to  translate:

Russian G-38 (LK-2) was meant for multi-role aeroplane as a light fighter-bomber; also for dive-bombing. Two Gnome-Rhöne-Mistral-Mashor K-14 motors with 850 Hp. It had a twin-tailboom, monoplane-design and three-man cabin on the wing (also 5-men cabin was mentioned).
Landing gear went in to the booms after motors.
To the forward was four 12.7-мм machine guns Shkas and two 20 mm cannon, Shvak. Afterwards two Shkas in vertical axle pivoting system. Underneath the cabin may attach different bombs.
Maximum speed was estimated as 550 Km/h (340 mph)
The design of G-38 began in September 1934. Full-scale maket was ready in the end of the year. Aeroplane was made in Leningrad in the Experimental Institute of P.I. Grohovsky and in the Construction Bureau of D.I.G. Grigorovitsh. Konstruktion work by P.A. Ivensen and V.I. Korovin. Structural and static calculation was by M.B. Orlov and A.F. Epishev from Aviatechnikum of Gorki. Consultations by professors A.K. Martynov and V.N. Beljaev. Structure was mainly wood. Cabin full-metal.

The basic idea was to do a good, fast and clean aeroplane, which requirements it fully meets.