Tahrir Square night of Feb 2

Night has fallen on Tahrir Square, after pro-Mubarak thugs attacked the demonstrators today. By late afternoon, things quieted down somewhat. But I feared that night would enable the government forces to occupy the square. At this point, control of the square seems to be the issue. For unknown reasons, the army is standing by, doing nothing.

Watching Al Jazeera English TV. From its videos, it looks like the people have pushed their shield wall north, up by the Museum. The video also shows the government thugs have put up a defensive shield wall on a side street. In the background, lots of people (affiliation unknown) seem to be watching the fight, as if it were a football match.

Telephone reports are conflicting, but one guy claimed that the people are in full control of the square and all the other entrances, with reinforcements streaming in.

This view would suggest that the pro-government thugs, are in fact, being squeezed out and are almost under siege.

More to come …