The Line from Talk Radio

I’ve been driving in my car a lot recently and have been tuning in to Limbaugh and Hannity, just for a laugh:

A week ago: “The polls are tightening.”

Three days ago: “Don’t believe the polls.”

Today: “It is safe to say that the Obama campaign is cheating.”

Also on Monday, Limabaugh went on an extended tear about Obama’s tax plans and small business, and how 95% could not possibly make less than $250,000. He ran through many SBA numbers, characterizing firms in various industries as small businesses, based on their gross receipts. “Fisheries, less than $700,000 – small business.” He hammered away at this for an hour or more.

I’m laughing away at this, recalling the old rule of thumb that for every $100 a business takes in, it incurs $60 of labor expenses and $30 of materials, etc., leaving $10 of taxable income. D’oh.

Finally, “El Rushbo” noted that some emails had come in, raising this point. And he tried to put it back on Obama. “Is it net or gross. I don’t know. He has to tell us. Do you think any of the drive-by media will ask him? etc. etc.” I wonder what the reaction would be if a reporter asked, “Sen. Obama, when you say that you will not raise income taxes on any small business with an income under $250,000, do you mean income or gross receipts?”

Limbaugh persisted in his delusion, insisting that since “we all know Obama is lying anyway, this difference is minutia that doesn’t matter anyway.”

“Minutia” — the difference between gross receipts and taxable income. Hey, it’s only a factor of ten, one measly order of magnitude, right?