model sitting on construction barrier

Under Construction

One of the challenges of street photography in New York City is the omnipresent construction: buildings going up, pipes being serviced, streets being dug up, etc. It seems to be a constant distraction. But, since photography should be bold, visual medium, why not try to incorporate the bold visuals of construction sites into street style photography? I’m drawn to thematic contrasts anyway: setting up beautiful, stylish people in front of graffiti, worn-out buildings, cobblestone streets, and so forth.

Recently I’ve tried to do just that, posing models in front of fences, perched on orange barriers, and even sitting inside earth movers.

two girls by orange sign

This Way

girls sitting on orange barrier

No Barriers

girl posing by chain link fence

The Fence

Japanese photographer with blue hose

Blue Hose Project

young woman in black dress


model gtting onto construction barrier


model by construction fence

My Shy Friend

girl sitting in earth mover


girl sitting on lumber pile

Wood Pile