University of Washington dishonors Alumnus Pappy Boyington


University of Washington dishonors Alumnus Pappy Boyington

a very sad Husky

University of Washington dishonors Alumnus Pappy Boyington – by Cheval52

Sad to say that the University of Washington located here in Seattle has chosen not to honor the memory of it’s most famous Alumnus Pappy Boyington. In a recent decision the board labeled the famed WWII Fighter Pilot as a Rich White Racist who killed people for a living.

This story was broken by Conservative Seattle Radio Talkshow host Kirby Wilbur who also stated that Pappy was actually part American Indian.

I am proud to say that I met Pappy Boyington years ago at the Chino Air Show in California. Along with him was the Japanese pilot who actually shot him down and was now his friend. Pappy took the time to chat with me and even signed my book based on his life.

Patrick Deck, Seattle, WA

University of Washington dishonors Alumnus Pappy Boyington – by don forget

Nearly all American heroes are war heroes. (Gen.)George Washington, The Revolutionary War…The Washington Monument (and the states namesake) not to mention the nations capitol were in honor of a war hero. Our national anthem is a hymn of war. Pappy Boyington is a hero of WWII. The “senate” of U of Washington must have a week understanding of history to have denied the memorial based on the reasons they gave. It is the ultimately the universities decision, but please get the facts correct.

Ryan age:26 amateur historian

University of Washington dishonors Alumnus Pappy Boyington – by Cheval52

Carl Limbacher and Staff

Friday, Feb. 17, 2006 4:45 p.m. EST
Boyington Memorial Nixed at U. of Wash.

“In a move that has ignited a firestorm of protest, students at the University of Washington have turned down a memorial to a famous alumnus who was awarded the Medal of Honor for “extraordinary heroism” in World War II.

Major Gregory “Pappy” Boyington was a U.S. Marine pilot who commanded the famed Black Sheep Squadron. He shot down 28 Japanese planes, making him a five-time Ace, and spent years in a Japanese hellhole prison camp. But a proposal to erect a memorial in his honor was voted down by the Student Senate. Some students questioned why the university should honor a person who killed others or even honor a Marine.

According to KOMO-4 News, student Andrew Everett wanted to honor all four U. of Washington graduates who won the Medal of Honor, along with a fifth student who did not graduate. “Pappy Boyington was the most famous,” Everett said. “He wrote a book. There was a TV show about him. He was a legend, a media celebrity of his day.”
His Black Sheep squadron is featured in the Personal Courage Wing of the Museum of Flight. Kevin Cuba, the military curator at the museum, told KOMO-4 News that it’s sad students know so little about Boyington’s fight to save their lifestyle.

“He didn’t just volunteer to go into combat,” said Cuba. “He begged to go into combat. He wanted to serve his country and he did.”

The refusal to honor Boyington brought a torrent of protest, according to the Seattle Post-Intelligencer”. Some students reported receiving scores of e-mails and phone calls from people angered by comments from students – including one student leader who questioned why another rich white man should be honored on campus. Few students had any idea who Boyington was even though he was a U of W grad and one of the university’s most illustrious Alumnus.

Wrote one furious blogger: “I’m angry about this … How dare these snot-nose, hemp-wearing, pot-smoking, drum-beating, ‘gee when is the financial aid check going to arrive’
brat kids diss Pappy Boyington?” The student government now plans to consider supporting the creation of a memorial that would honor all the university’s Medal of Honor winners.

The above story was located at by me, Patrick W Deck age 54 “HISTORIAN”

University of Washington dishonors Alumnus Pappy Boyington – by Cheval52


So what is so wrong with War Heroes ? You call yourself an Amateur Historian yet you lead us to believe that the Father of our Country is mostly remembered today as being just a War Hero. It goes a lot deeper than that.

As for the National Anthem being based on War, so what ? The anthem was written during the time of the War of 1812, a war fought against Great Britain who was suppressing American Sailors into the Royal Navy. It was written about a battle in which we were forced to defend ourselves and our freedoms on the High Seas. If it wasn’t for War you wouldn’t have that freedom to nitpick great Americans like George Washington and Pappy Boyington (heroes who fought in wars instigated by the other side).

I would hate to think where we would all be right now if it weren’t for War and the great American Heroes who sacrificed their lives in
defending our country. It is really sad that so many of these 1 dimensional historians who are so Anti-War and Anti-Military that they let it cloud their own judgment.

I suggest that you take a tour of Arlington, Normandy, and Pearl Harbor instead of getting your quick & easy history lessons off the Internet.