Vertical format street style

From the tips of their Valentinos to the tops of their beanies, the the fashionistas of Soho consider their entire outfit carefully. For a street style photographer, the idea is to capture the whole look, in its entirety.

In any common photographic format, square or portrait, there will be lots of space left around the subject, filled with some background of greater or lesser interest. But if one wants to “fill the frame,” then (s)he must use a more elongated vertical format, such as 2.5:1. Recall the abundance of long verticals in Bill Cunningham’s “On The Street” in the New York Times. Since I’ve been using the rather squat Instagram layout, I haven’t cropped my photos to such a format.

So here they are, in all their dizzying vertical glory.

Brazilian model in Petrosino Square, November 2019
Paulina on Crosby Street, November 2019
denim on Canal Street, November 2019
Sonia’s all-yellow look, November 2019
Bridget in white & denim, November 2019
Jady’s patterns, October 2019
Angela in black & white, October 2019
Hyun on Broome Street, October 2019
Black & white, October 2019
Black & white, October 2019
Soho Chiarusco, October 2019