Further uses of the dative, found in ‘For Mantitheus’

Further uses of the dative – see Unit 29 of Mastronarde. The short phrases are from Lysias’ Oration 16, “For Mantitheus,” identified by line number.

3. εὔνους εἰμὶ τοι̂ς καθεστηκόσι πράγμασι – I am sympathetic to the established system (DATIVE WITH VERB/ADJ. MEANING ‘BE FRIENDLY’)

7. παραδοθέντα τοι̂ς συνδίκοις – handed in by the syndics (DATIVE WITH COMPOUND VERB PREPOSITION: παρα- )

7. ἐκείνοις … πιστεύοιτε – (if) you relied on these (DATIVE WITH VERB MEANING ‘TRUST’)

13. ἔφην τῳ̂ ̓Ορθοβούλῳ – asked of (said to) Orthobolos (COMITATIVE DATIVE) ?

14. συνεβούλευον τοι̂ς ἄλλοις – I recommended to others (DATIVE WITH COMPOUND VERB PREPOSITION: συν- )

15. μάχεσθαι τοι̂ς πολεμίοις – to fight the enemy (COMITATIVE DATIVE)