Further uses of the genitive, found in ‘For Mantitheus’

Further uses of the genitive – see Unit 29 of Mastronarde. The short phrases are from Lysias’ Oration 16, “For Mantitheus,” identified by line number.

1. χάριν εἰ̂χον ταύτης τη̂ς κατηγορίας – feel grateful for this accusation (GEN. OF CAUSE)

1. τούτους εἰ̂ναι μεγίστων ἀγαθω̂ν – these being of greatest benefit (GEN. OF QUALITY/DESCRIPTION)

3. τω̂ν αὐτω̂ν κινδύνων μετέχειν – to share the same dangers (PARTITIVE GEN. WITH VERB OF SHARING)

5. μετέχειν τω̂ν ἀλλοτρίων κινδύνων – to share the dangers of the outsiders (PARTITIVE GEN. WITH VERB OF SHARING)

5. μεταδιδόναι τη̂ς πολιτείας – to give a share of the government (PARTITIVE GEN. WITH VERB OF SHARING)

11. τεκμήριον εἰ̂ναι τη̂ς ἐμη̂ς ἐπιεικείας – to be proof of my blamelessness (GEN. OF QUALITY/DESCRIPTION)

11. τω̂ν αὐτω̂ν ἐπεθυμου̂μεν – I desired what they (do) (PARTITIVE GEN. WITH VERB OF DESIRING)

13. του̂ πλήθους μέλλοντος κινδυνεύειν – while the majority were about to face danger (GEN. OF TIME WITHIN WHICH) ?

14. ἐφοδίων δὲ ἀπορου̂ντας – lacking funds (GENITIVE OF SEPARATION)

15. τη̂ς πρώτης τεταγμένος – in the first division/company (GENITIVE OF MEASURE) ? “may denote the degree of a thing”

15. του̂ σεμνου̂ Στειριω̂ς – the good Stirian (GEN. OF QUALITY/DESCRIPTION), although here meant ironically

17. ἁπάντων τω̂ν δικαίων τυγχάνοιμι – I might obtain full justice (PARTITIVE GEN. WITH VERB OF OBTAINING)

18. τω̂ν ἄλλων στρατειω̂ν καὶ φρουρω̂ν οὐδεμια̂ς ἀπελείφθην – never missed the other expeditions and garrisonings (GENITIVE OF SEPARATION)

19. μεγάλων κακω̂ν αἴτιοι γεγόνασιν – they have been responsible for great evils (GEN. OF CAUSE) ?

20. τω̂ν προγόνων ἐνθυμούμενος – remembering my ancestors (PARTITIVE GEN. WITH VERB OF REMEMBERING)