Mousavi’s call to shut down Iran’s bazaars

Mir Hossein Mousavi, on his Facebook page today, June 23 2009, called for his supporters to shut down the bazaars in all of Iran’s cities. Following is a literal translation of his statement, per comments on the Facebook page:

In the name of god who gives life,

We are not going to waste our energy and we will act effectively. We have stated our position on the streets to those responsible for the coup d’état and also all the world. Now it is time to change our tactics.

Starting on Tuesday, everyday from 9:00AM all over Iran, we will move toward the Bazaar of that city. If they prevent that, we will close the Bazaar. Even if they do not prevent it, the crowd will result in closing of the Bazaar. If they disconnect the phones in the early morning, we will disrupt the activities all over country and Bazaar will close. As much as possible, we close all the city and we move toward Bazaar so we can close Bazaar. We want everyone to be together in this….

Bring the kids – be very quiet- No slogans- no green- We act like we are going to shop but we will not buy anything. We will be thinking about closing of the Bazaar. We will not leave any signs of ourselves. Even we will not show sign of victory with our fingers, No way…

We will only think about victory. Bring the kids also. All over Iran, in all cities, with no slogans, no slogans, no slogans, quietly, with no green, without getting involved in confrontations. If someone tries to cause trouble, we will not get involved since supposedly, we have gone to do our shopping. There is no fear in this and everyone will come.

There will be no beating, no bloodshed, no slogan, no confrontation, no sit-in. If they prevent us, easily we come back since our goal is to close bazaar, not to have a gathering. If they use tear gas, bazaar will close. We are smart and we will not get involved in confrontation. Even though if there is a confrontation, that will result in Bazaar not being secure and will result in closing of the Bazaar.

But we will not get into confrontation. We will be only thinking about victory. Either Bazaar will become closed as result of our crowd or there will be no one and it will become closed that way. Any way, we will win

Mr. Mousavi, we don’t need your bravery and readiness to become to martyr, We need your leadership. Until we get results, until 9:00AM Tuesday morning which will be 3 days from martyrdom of those killed on 30th of Khordad (June 20th) , we have time to let people know about this information. Any way you can, let your friends and foreign media know about this information, through internet sites, let them know that starting from Tuesday morning, we will move toward Bazaar,

Send this information to your friends and also to following addresses, let it become public knowledge all over beloved Iran. This plan is effective and there is no fear in it and will result in bringing milions of Iranians into the scene without any bloodshed. Be certain that this plan is so effective that the enemy will start denying it and it … Read Morewill start the rumors and the enemy will try its best. So don’t be fooled, this plan will continue, do not listen to the rumors and let everyone know about this plan.

With hope of success